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Happy Easter Greetings to you! I hope that everyone had a relaxed and fun extended weekend filled with family and friends!

Here in Germany Easter celebrations are still going on. Easter Monday is a public holiday here in Germany. There is one thing I do love about Germany – the holiday system! They have a very generous amount of paid vacation, especially in comparison with the United States. At both companies that I have worked for here, I have had 30 days paid vacation per year plus 12 public holidays. I can most definitely say this an aspect of Germany I will miss.

The market this weekend was filled with signs of Easter! I can never get enough of the Carlplatz Market. Since moving back to Düsseldorf, I do not think a weekend has gone by that I did not stop by.

I discovered this year that the tradition of the Easter Bunny in the US came over when the Germans immigrated there. The tradition is that the Easter Bunny would bring eggs for the good children. Along the same lines as the tradition that Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, brings presents to the well behaved children. You can read more about the Easter Bunny origin here.

Here are some snaps from the Carlsplatz Market. It was especially bustling this weekend as everyone was heading to the market to buy specialty cheeses and meats and bread for their celebrations this weekend.

Carlsplatz Easter


Easter Eggs



Carlsplatz Ostern

And my favorite thing at Easter. ;-)

Giant Lindt Bunny



How did you celebrate Easter?



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